Clifford Springs

Coil springs often called helical springs, are mechanical devices.

There is a variety of coil springs however they all essentially store energy due to resilience and release it, to absorb impact or to maintain a force between contacting surfaces.

Types of Coil Spring

Compression: Compressed coil springs are crafted to resist compression. A typical compression coil spring can be seen in many car suspension systems.

Tension/extension: Tension/extension coil springs will often have a hook and eye form at either end for attachment, which is crafted to resist stretching.

Torsion: Torsion coil springs are used to resist any twisting actions, and can frequently be found in clothes pegs.

Following on from the torsion coil spring; the material of the spring will react in torsion when the spring is being extended or compressed. The spring’s quality will be judged on the amount of energy it can absorb.

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