Coil Springs

Coil springs are also known as a helical springs.
We manufacture a complete range of seal energizing products using the latest CNC machines. As a premier supplier of seal energizing products to the seal industry, there are no specifications we cannot meet.

Canted coil springs

Single height canted coil springs used for their unique load characteristics. Manufactured from customer supplied samples and or drawings utilising Hastelloy, Elgiloy, stainless steel and carbon based materials.

PEEK springs

Peek springs are used in the high performance S Seals as an anti extrusion device, replacing the Inconel or stainless steel spring. The unique characteristic of this polymer spring is as the seal wears and the spring comes into contact with the shaft the spring does not score the shaft. The Peek spring when used in conjunction with a peek seal will also stop the issues of using some metals together and they also give a stable seal when used in temperature.

Garter springs

Manufactured in both low and high volume for many diverse markets from the Automotive industry to model makers using the spring as a drive band. We are the only company with automatic joining machines in the United Kingdom.

The garter spring can be supplied either assembled into the ring or shipped straight. The spring can also be supplied in lengths with joining inserts to enable the seal manufacturer to cut to length and bespoke the spring with a minimum of waste.
Special to our range of garter springs are the open coil or external garter springs used to exert outward force. New to 2008 will be our stock range of stainless steel garter springs.

Helical seal springs

Manufactured on the latest CNC spring coilers. This spring can be supplied either by the metre or on 50 and 100 metre spools. Carrying stock of the industry standard 000 to 500 series springs in both Elgiloy / Phynox and grade 302 stainless steel.
This spring can also be supplied welded with our in house micro welder to fit straight into the seal jacket if required.

Meander springs

Used in dynamic sealing applications these springs are supplied in the industry standard 000 to 500 series. These parts are carried ex stock in 301 grade stainless steel and are also available in Elgiloy and Hastelloy.