Spring Energised Seals

spring energised seal is a single acting seal which is often used for dynamic and static applications; they are effective in a variety of applications. 

They are frequently used when there is a requirement for a higher resistance to chemical media – the seal may be needed to operate in extremes of temperature and where good extrusion and compression characteristics are needed.

There are three main design characteristics of Spring Energised Seals:

  • Application specific U-shaped seal profile
  • Spring geometry suited to the particular application
  • Proven high-performance polymers

Method of Operation

Every seal will have the same operating principle and they differ only in their profile form and the type of metallic spring that is being used. The spring supplies the load that is required for sealing at lower pressures,m and the ‘U’ shape of the jacket allows fluid pressure to energise the sealing lips, thus total sealing pressure will rise with increasing operating pressure spring force.

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