The Purpose of Coil Springs, Canted Coil Springs | Peek Springs | Garter Springs

Coil springs are used in many mechanical devices, from watches to car shocks.

They are often called compression springs, torsion springs or helical springs. They work in storing energy so to release it to absorb any shock or maintain a force between two contacting surfaces.


coil spring is a spiral or helix of metal wire that is commonly made up of steel. Springs are mechanical devices that accept a weight or force from one object to absorb the energy and to prevent the surface from being damaged.


Compression coil springs are manufactured to resist against a surface it comes into contact with. The resistance offered is to a compressive force and are usually coiled as a constant diameter cylinder or one that holds similarly sized curves to its helix shape. Expansion coil springs pull on two surfaces, those can be found on screen doors that pull it shut after it has been opened.


Coil springs can be used in a lot of practices from car suspension systems and clutches to valve springs. They are also used in mechanical devices including toasters, door handles and other types of hands that are constantly depressed.

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