Single height canted coil springs used for their unique load characteristics.

Peek springs are used in the high performance S Seals as an anti extrusion device, replacing the Inconel or stainless steel spring.

Manufactured in both low and high volume for many diverse markets from the Automotive industry to model makers using the spring as a drive band.

Carrying stock of the industry standard 000 to 500 series springs in both Elgiloy / Phynox and grade 302 stainless steel.

Used in dynamic sealing applications these springs are supplied in the industry standard 000 to 500 series.

Canted Coil Springs Manufacturing


We are able to design and manufacture any type of garter springs.

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Composite Springs Manufacturing


Since the development of the PEEK anti-extrusion spring for the S Seal we have been working to develop an open coil PEEK spring.

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