• To be the preferred partner to the seal industry for its energising and protection needs.


  • To be recognized as a premium brand within our chosen markets.
  • To succeed through world class operations and support.
  • To continuously improve and innovate our products, operations and service in line in order to advance our capabilities and those of our customers.


The success of Clifford Springs Limited is based on an obsession with service. Not only do we insist on quick response, we strive to meet every challenge. This results in continuous advancement of our product and service and, as a result those of our customers. We aim to improve our customers products through the advancement of our own.


Redditch, in the Midlands of England is situated on the outskirts of UK’s second city, Birmingham with excellent road, rail and air routes.

With the industry dating back to the 18th Century, Redditch is regarded as the birthplace of wire forming. In the beginning it was the River Arrow, a valuable source of energy, that helped Redditch become the centre of excellence for needle making.

This needle making expertise expanded into general fine wire forming expertise, suppliers and infrastructure grew around it.

The Herbert Terry and Sons Spring Company became one of the biggest and best-known spring makers in the world, thanks partly to its association with the Anglepoise Lamp and partly as a key supplier to the UK military effort in WW2.

Post war many people disseminated from Terry’s and other major manufacturers to start their own businesses and spring manufacturing businesses companies began to populate the Redditch industrial landscape.

In 1946, Theodore Clifford became such person forming a company that was to become Clifford Springs.

Clifford Springs Limited Today

Based on its long heritage, Clifford Springs is now a world leader in the manufacture and development of seal energising technologies with a truly global footprint.

With many years of specialist experience both in the manufacture and application, we have a blend of knowledge that sets us aside and optimises the effectiveness of our solutions.

Our investment in state of the art equipment enables the production of springs of the highest quality, precision and complexity. In addition, our in-house testing capability ensures we can support our products with batch testing and product data, reducing risk and development time for our customers.

With more than 70 years of operation and a location within a hotbed of fine wire forming, we have the stocks and the local supply chain to ensure a vast array of materials are readily available.