Benefits of the Canted Coil Spring

The spring soon became the answer to manufacturers’ device fastening difficulties, shortly after it was invented.

The canted coil spring, invented over 50 years ago consists of wire that has been coiled with precision and resistance welded to a specific diameter. The popularity of the canted coil spring has sprung up due to its versatility. This specific coil spring can be designed to lock two pieces together, permanently, and it can even act as a holding function, providing a certain amount of friction between the two components. Another benefit, is that it can perform electromagnetic interference shielding and grounding functions, or serve as an electrical contact between two pieces. Continue reading “Benefits of the Canted Coil Spring”

How do you correctly rate a coil spring?

coil springs

In the modern age, coil springs are being used in ways that were never before imagined. This is why it has become increasingly critical to know the exact spring rate that you are installing. To complicate matters further, the way a spring is installed will vary the way a car ‘feels’. So what should you consider?

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The Purpose of Coil Springs

Coil springs are used in many mechanical devices, from watches to car shocks.

They are often called compression springs, torsion springs or helical springs. They work in storing energy so to release it to absorb any shock or maintain a force between two contacting surfaces.

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How Do Coil Springs Work?

Coil springs essentially work by resisting their extension or compression, and absorb mechanical energy, storing it and later releasing it.

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Spring Energised Seals

A spring energised seal is a single acting seal which is often used for dynamic and static applications; they are effective in a variety of applications.  Continue reading “Spring Energised Seals”

Coil springs at Clifford Springs

Choose Clifford Springs for seal energising products and springs!

We manufacture coil springs, otherwise named as helical springs and specialise in the manufacture of seal energising product with the highest standard CNC machines.

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Coil Springs – Helical Springs

Coil springs often called helical springs, are mechanical devices.

There is a variety of coil springs however they all essentially store energy due to resilience and release it, to absorb impact or to maintain a force between contacting surfaces. Continue reading “Coil Springs – Helical Springs”

Garter Springs

A garter spring is the name given to coiled steel spring that is connected both ends making a circular shape.

Garter springs will frequently be used in belt-driven motors, electrical connectors and oil seals. While compression garter springs exercise outward radial forces, extension garter springs exercise inward radial forces. Continue reading “Garter Springs”

Types of Garter Springs

Garter springs are coiled steel springs that are connected at either end to create a circular shape.

Garter springs will often be used in oil seals, shaft seals, belt-driven motors, and electrical connectors. Continue reading “Types of Garter Springs”

Energy Absorbing Springs VICTREX®

Clifford Spring creates energy-absorbing springs made with VICTREX® PEEK polymer meet the extreme demands of the oil and gas industry

Clifford Spring Company was faced with the task of creating an energy absorbing spring for the oil and gas industry that was non-corrosive, chemical resistant with high and low-temperature resistance. Clifford Spring Company selected VICTREX PEEK polymer to develop the springs to reduce wear and damage. Continue reading “Energy Absorbing Springs VICTREX®”