Canted Coil Springs have the unique characteristic of retaining a near constant load throughout their full working range.

Clifford Springs are the industry leaders and inventors of PEEK Spring Technology.

Used extensively in Radial Oil Seals and Cassette Seals, the Garter Spring is perhaps the most common of all spring types.

Helical flat tape wound springs are typically designed to provide high sealing forces for U-Cup seals.

The V Spring or U Spring or Meander Spring, also referred to as a cantilever spring, is supplied in industry standard 000 - 500 series including weld-free micro springs.

The RACO Spring is a high load, full contact spring used in specialist harsh service conditions.

Anti-extrusion springs are intended for high-pressure and high temperature applications where there are large extrusion gaps.

To further enhance its product offering, Clifford Springs Limited has developed a range of additional operations.