Helical flat tape wound springs are typically designed to provide high sealing forces for U-Cup seals. As with Cantilever and Canted Coil Springs, the Helical Spring provides the initial sealing force to the sealing contact points and is then supplemented at higher pressures by the system pressure.

The particular characteristic of the Helical Spring is the steeper load-deflection curve. When utilised in PTFE U-Cup seals this gives the advantage of greater sealing contact force, making it useful in gas sealing, low temperature sealing and offering a degree of compensation for imperfect surfaces compared to lower load springs.

Helical Springs can be supplied as double springs, or age hardened to provide still more sealing load making them a popular choice for cryogenic sealing applications.

They are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes and from our wide range of standard and exotic spring alloys.