Clifford Springs are the industry leaders and inventors of PEEK Spring Technology.

The PEEK Spring offers enhanced benefits over conventional metal springs. It has been developed for both energising and anti-extrusion functions.

As an anti-extrusion spring it offers extraordinary strength whilst eliminating the risk of galling or scraping, inherently a risk with metal to metal contact that is sometimes associated with metal anti-extrusion devices under high loads. This makes them ideal for safety critical and difficult to maintain situations such as Oil and Gas Down Hole where they can be employed in Spring Seals (S-Seals) and Packings.

The PEEK Spring also offers a high purity and corrosion resistant option for energising seals. This makes them a great option for pharmaceutical and Liquid Chromatography applications and the metal free nature makes them suited to Wet Process Semi-con lines.

The Springs are made to order from top quality VictrexTM PEEK materials.