Energised Springs

Spring energised seals are amazing pieces of tech and here’s why:

These Spring Energies seals act in a form of singularity – being used in an environment of static and dynamic applications. Being used in a wide range of applications, they’re incredibly effective for their purpose. These type of seal are typically chosen when a build requires a much higher resistance to a certain chemical. Given that the seal is needed regularly in these scenarios, these designs allow for high resistance and usage under pressure.

The three main design channels of these springs are:

  • A level of geometry that suits a particular amount of work
  • A proven amount of high-level polymers in their performance
  • A U-shape profile that covers the seal

How do they work?

The seals operating on the design all operate in the same process – only differing in a number of ways that would have a diverse effect on the profile of the spring and the type of the spring that is used. The spring is commonly used in order to supply the load that is required from the device in order to seal at much lower levels. The particular U shape of the spring allows pressure to energise the sealant of the spring.

How do they perform?

There are a different number of types that the seal can be combined within a number of materials, as these can offer a number of solutions that can give a huge number of applications. These benefits are listed below:

  • Allows you to choose the best seal for the job
  • It ages incredibly well
  • Amazing sealing, both static and dynamic
  • A low level of friction
  • Almost universal chemical compatibility
  • Fantastic running properties

These seals also offer a level of benefit in the form of design, being built of components that allow for various builds. Being a benefit of both pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, the benefits of this include:

  • A high level of wear resistance
  • Comes in a tiny form
  • Capable of withstanding considerable temperatures
  • Easy to install
  • Low levels of friction

So, what do you think of these seals? Does it answer the questions you had?

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